Why choose divvy desk?

Simply put: Community!  You'll hear this word a lot around the office, because we believe that we're better together.  This community will help you cultivate ideas, work through ruts, and receive feedback.  And no longer do you have the hassle of keeping up with bills, utilities, or leaks in the roof.  All you have to do is come in, do some work, and do some dreaming.  We'll handle the rest!


What are the benefits?

Not only do you have people to work with, but also a space to call your office.  Your clients can visit you at our brick and mortar location, which is a huge advantage if you're used to working at home.  Not to mention, you'll have access to all of the perks we have to offer!  To name a few, you get free locally-roasted coffee, access to our conference room, stamps and envelopes, high-speed internet, and a super fast laser-jet printer.



Yes!  If you're a Desk Member, you have access to your own locker.  So if you want to leave your laptop at the office and run to lunch with a client, then put your stuff away, stuff your face, and come back to a productive work day!  We also have a security system that monitors the office 24/7.


How much does it cost?

We have different options available, and each option has its own price along with various perks.  Check them out on the Pricing page!


Can I tour the office?

We'd love to show you around!  Visit our Contact page to reach out.