Shared Space

Need a desk?  Don’t mind sitting next to somebody?  Then do we have a space for you! Our most popular area is the open-air workspace found in the front of the office. Just bring your computer (doesn’t have to be a Mac) and get to work. But maybe you want the advantages of being around other entrepreneurs AND have a little bit of privacy. Thankfully we have private offices available as well (starting Summer 2019). Whichever you choose, you'll have a brick and mortar office address, a modern location for meeting with clients, and a place to call your own.


Shared Knowledge

We have nothing to lose by sharing knowledge. The beauty of Divvy Desk is there can be a fresh-out-of-college graphic design graduate sitting next to a 20-year self-taught veteran. Whether it’s book-knowledge or years of experience, we encourage everybody to share what they know.  “Be the person you needed when you were younger.”


Shared Perks

Divvy Desk is stacked with perks that allow you to stay focused on your work. We offer designated space for annual members, lounge area for day-rate, phone rooms and conference room (available Summer 2019), high-speed internet, free locally-roasted coffee, weekly cleaning, 24-hour access, printing resources, locker space for annual members, social events, professional events, mailing services, office supplies, and filtered water.


Shared Community

What sets Divvy Desk apart is the people.  Community is difficult to develop when you work from home, and we believe we’re better together instead of alone.  We have quality people who love quality relationships. We share ideas, give constructive criticism, and help each other through the ruts.